Park Lane firmly believes that our approach differentiates us from other similar organisations and is an important ingredient in our success in providing good value services and solutions.

We work in a partnership with our clients and their teams allowing them to maintain the desired level of control and visibility over service delivery. Our personalised approach is prized by our clients – we have a reputation for listening to clients needs and responding with solutions that are practical and delivered within their timeframes and budget.

To allow us to work in an open, transparent and communicative manner, Park Lane uses its Project, Activity and Issues Register system (PAIR) to initiate, progress and update the status of each event. Any approved stakeholder may access the system to add information, and update and monitor the status of each activity and issue. This approach ensures that we and our client are able to work together in achieving successful results in a timely manner.

Park Lane has a unique approach to providing services and solutions that are:


You choose how services are structured and responsibilities are shared so that these fit your particular requirements and budget. We will work with you to define a solution that fits your situation, your requirements and your budget, and takes into consideration the skills and experience of your existing resources.


You have a dedicated team of experienced and multi-skilled consultants to provide you with a service that is on call when and where you need it most. They understand your priorities and can provide the most appropriate proactive and reactive support for your specific environment and business requirements. 


Combined with a competitive fee rate, our ‘right-sized’ and responsive approach enables us to offer you a cost-effective solution.