Park Lane helps you evolve your applications environment to harness the power of a Cloud solution that provides a more elastic, better performing and increased cost-effective platform for your enterprise applications.

We offer both:

  • Platform as a Service - where we host and manage your database and applications environment with application support provided by your team


  • ŸSoftware as a Service – where we provide full hosting, management and support of your application.

In providing these services, Park Lane partners with Cloud Service providers Oracle, Avnet and Amazon, or with your chosen partner.

Platform as a Service

Park Lane has significant experience in successfully providing managed services for a wide range of Oracle, SQL Server and Open Source database and application platforms. We are able to provide this same service in conjunction with a Cloud infrastructure partner and your application support team.

Software as a Service

Park Lane has been supporting its application packages both nationally and internationally for many years. This experience enables us to offer the skill sets to help you outsource the full operations and support of your application(s). We can work in partnership with or take full responsibility for your team in providing the necessary support.

The Transition Process

We recognize that moving to the Cloud is a major strategic direction and involves a structured transition process. We will create a dedicated team to work with you to:

  • Agree the business objectives of making such a move and the expected benefits to be achieved
  • ŸDetermine what Cloud technology solutions will best meet your business requirements and provide a high-availability and secure environment
  • ŸAssess your current infrastructure and the tasks needed to ensure an appropriate base for the move
  • ŸIdentify any managed services to be provided
  • ŸDetermine the changes needed to the associated processes, team structure and responsibilities required for the people involved to gain their commitment
  • ŸPrepare a plan showing the most appropriate approach for transition to the Cloud covering the technology, people and processes
  • ŸPrepare a business case for the move
  • ŸGet your existing platform ready for Cloud migration
  • ŸPrepare the Cloud platform
  • ŸPrepare the processes and people for the new way of operating
  • ŸExecute transformation to the Cloud in conjunction with any new managed services
  • ŸMonitor the initial operations and make any agreed improvements.

This process is tailored to suit your business needs to provide a seamless transformation of the delivery of your enterprise application environments.