Park Lane’s consulting services help you identify how to achieve optimal performance and maximum availability from your Oracle enterprise application environments.

Too often organisations invest significantly in technology only to use a fraction of their investment. We provide advice and guidance to identify opportunities to improve services levels and increase the value of your technology investment to the business. We then help prepare a plan to achieve these benefits.

Through our Project Services and Cloud Services we can help you action the resultant plans.

Our consultants can help you:

  • Assess the effectiveness of the use of your technology infrastructure and identify the best opportunities to improve this use
  • ŸAssess your security risk exposure and develop a plan to reduce any risk
  • ŸCreate a strategy for backup and recovery and develop a plan for its implementation
  • ŸPlan for solutions that take advantage of the benefits offered by new technology to meet business needs, ie product upgrades
  • ŸCreate a strategy and implementation plan for Cloud migration.

At Park Lane, we show you how to harness the full power of the technology at your disposal and add greater value. Our emphasis at all times is to achieve improvements that are commensurate with the effort and expenditure involved.

The following are examples of consulting services we offer.

Health assessment

Park Lane's health assessment is an effective way to identify aspects of your existing infrastructure that require attention to maintain optimal performance of your Oracle environment and allow it to function to its full potential.

Park Lane's health assessment covers:

  • ŸAvailability
  • ŸPerformance
  • ŸCapacity
  • Scalability
  • ŸRobustness
  • ŸSecurity
  • ŸBackup & Recovery

Our consultants carry out a review of your environment and identify ways in which you can effectively:

  • ŸReduce the risk of system outages and downtime,
  • ŸMaximise your use of existing resources.

and provide you with a report giving an assessment of the health of your environment and high-level recommendations on how to make the necessary improvements.

To help you sustain identified improvements, Park Lane offers a periodic health check through our managed services.

Product upgrade review

Park Lane provides you with expert advice on upgrading your Oracle products so that these continue to cost-effectively support your organisation’s business needs. Our review includes:

  • Ÿ  An audit of your current product inventory and licences
  • Ÿ  A recommendation of the most appropriate products and versions
  • Ÿ  An approach to restructuring licences to take any potential financial benefits offered by Oracle
  • Ÿ  A plan for the installation of and migration to the upgraded products.