Park Lane is a certified reseller of Oracle hardware and softwareincluding:

  • ŸServers - SPARC T-Series, Sun x86
  • ŸStorage – SAN, NAS, FLASH and Tape
  • ŸOptimised solutions – Exadata Database Machine, Database Appliance
  • ŸNetwork switching – Fabric, Ethernet, Converged
  • ŸSoftware – Oracle and MySQL Database, Data warehousing, Enterprise Manager and Middleware.

Our aim is to provide a cost-effective Oracle hardware and software solution that ensures continued optimal performance and maximum availability from your enterprise applications.

Infrastructure review

We can provide all the benefits offered by Oracle’s solutions tailored to your unique requirements and competitively priced.

Our consultants will review your current infrastructure and advise you on a hardware and software solution that best meets your requirements. Including a cost-benefit analysis.

Software licensing review

With an ever-changing hardware environment, it is challenging to be certain that your Oracle software licences are optimised to meet your current as well as future needs. With our considerable experience and understanding of Oracle’s licensing requirements, Park Lane can carry out a confidential review of your software licences:

  • ŸTo determine what upgrades are needed to ensure continued cover by Oracle’s Premier support agreement
  • ŸTo ensure compliance with licence terms and conditions
  • ŸTo identify if there are opportunities to restructure these, taking any potential migration benefits offered by Oracle, to improve the return on your investment, both one-off and on-going.