Park Lane has successfully developed a number of product solutions for organisations around the globe. Park Lane Business Applications (PLBA) includes three stand-out products currently operational in client sites across Australia and New Zealand. These products are our Business Application Modules, our Project Activity and Issues Register (PAIR), and our electronic solution for Perinatal Data Collection,BirthPac.

Business Application Modules

For over thirty years Park Lane has been developing a large software library of business application modules that is marketed as part of our Park Lane Business Applications Oracle software. This library meets many of the functional requirements of a supply chain system.

Our research and development continues to focus on leading edge functionality as we evolve and fine-tune these business commercial modules. Using these modules, Park Lane can provide a custom-built solution that fulfils your requirements and reduce your development costs. A solution that targets specific needs in the most efficient and cost effective way.

As examples, this library has been used as the basis for a billing system for a large postal organisation and for a financial system used by a group of construction companies.

Project, Activity and Issues Register (PAIR)

The Project, Activity and Issues Register is an application which provides project, application or environment support team members, system users and account managers open and transparent access to all activities and issues.

This Web-based product allows all parties to maintain proactive communications at all times, giving visibility of:

  • ŸAn up-to-date status of current activities and issues (events)
  • ŸInformation and material associated with an event
  • ŸResponse times to each event
  • ŸActual vs budget resource utilisation
  • ŸFull project and event history.

PAIR provides:

  • ŸIntegration with other source systems, eg Help Desk, to automatically raise events
  • ŸThe ability to allocate responsibilities to events
  • ŸTime recording for resource utilisation analysis
  • ŸAt a glance, a project performance overview.

Park Lane uses this product for managing the provision of all project, managed and consulting services.


BirthPac is a Web-based obstetrics reporting package which enables a Maternity Unit to easily and accurately collect, analyse and report on obstetrics data covering mothers, births and infants. Given the busy nature of maternity units, BirthPac assists with the necessary recording of comprehensive medical information on obstetric events during the progression of the birth process. Using this information BirthPac produces statutory and administrative reports as well as extensive statistical reports to aid in improving the clinical services provided.

Park Lane maintains this application to meet the latest reporting requirements of each State for submission in paper, PDF and electronic file format.

Within a hospital maternity unit, a critical element of infrastructure planning and development is the ability to accurately collect, analyse and interpret the myriad of information that is produced. Accurate details of pregnancy care and outcomes not only provide essential statistical data, these also provide a basis for further funding, research, and the development of improved quality care services for these sites. Developed in partnership with an obstetrician and midwife, BirthPac is designed to greatly contribute to this process.